About Me!

Hmm I’ve never liked to talk about myself. But I should write here something … If you’re not curies about my person skip this description.

In one sentence I can say that “I LOVE PROGRAMMING” !

My adventure with programming has begun around 1997’s and my first program was writtlen in Pascal. I was surprised how easy it is to write simply calculator to sum two numbers. Maybe it’s not so impressive but for me ~13 years old boy it was! and I sailed. Next programs were sill in Pascal then in Delphi because it’s based on Pascal so it was easier for me to handle it, then Borland C++, then PHP and now JavaScript in advance mode. Now I am 30 years old and I’m Senior JavaScript Developer in GFT corporation.

This blog I had in mind from 2 years but I never was able to find time to build it - until today. I hope have time to write post because empty blog is not too much useful ;) Please be understanding if some articles won’t be interesting.

Ooo one more thing I like read books. My last read books

  • The 4 Hour Workweek - Tim Ferriss
  • Odkrywanie Ameryki - Mariusz Max Kolonko

If I have more to say about myself this page will be updated…